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Don’t Take It Lightly

Dear Mamas: I hope you don't take it lightly. I hope you don't take it lightly, the responsibility that has been bestowed upon you. The gravity of the situation. The importance of the work that you do every day for your children. None of it is useless or worthless. Don't think for a second that… Continue reading Don’t Take It Lightly

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A Tribute To My Sister

Sister,You've been on my mindSister, we're two of a kindSo sister,I'm keepin' my eyes on you-Miss Celie’s Blues, ‘The Color Purple’ (written by Quincy Jones) Do you know my sister?If you say my name, you’ll run into hers.Like I imagine I’ll run into her when I see her in Heaven.Will I recognize her? Talking and… Continue reading A Tribute To My Sister

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Something Great

‘There is a time for everything,and a season for every activity under the heavens...’ -Ecclesiastes 3:1 Everyone desires to do something great in life. Recently I've been asking myself, ‘What is that ‘something great’ for me?’ Moms! Do you ever look around (mainly at your timelines on social media) and see all these people doing… Continue reading Something Great

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When the Blessing Feels Heavy

‘Children are a heritage from the Lord,offspring a reward from him.’ -Psalm 127:3 Most days I wonder if and how I’m going to make it. Most days I’m so exhausted I can barely breathe. Most days my energy is devoured by my thoughts and the demands my little blessings put on me. Always thinking. Always… Continue reading When the Blessing Feels Heavy

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Crying Over Unspilled Milk

We all know the saying, ‘It’s no use in crying over spilled milk.’ But what about UNSPILLED milk? Postpartum this time around has been significantly better than with my first baby. I think it’s because I knew what to expect and was better prepared to handle the sleepless nights and lack of ‘me time’. After… Continue reading Crying Over Unspilled Milk

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Neck Deep in Motherhood

Hello WordPress! Have you missed me? I've been gone for quite some time now...and A LOT of things have happened. Besides surviving a pandemic, my husband and I welcomed another beautiful baby girl into the world (more info on that unexpected pregnancy later on). My last post about my motherhood journey to my first daughter… Continue reading Neck Deep in Motherhood