Happy Social Work Appreciation Month!

The month of March has been christened National Professional Social Work Month (aka Social Work Appreciation Month). During this time of the year, the nation celebrates and recognizes us for the life-changing work we do in the lives of many.

I love memes. I especially love memes about Social Work because they’re like inside jokes to us. Care to enjoy some of them with me?

social work 40hrs

If my job decided to switch me from salary to hourly, I would be paid WAY more lol

Social Work years

You can always tell who’s a recent graduate and who’s been in the game for a couple of years. The “newbies” are always so full of hope and excitement. Veterans can learn something from them…like why they chose this work. Conversely, the veterans can teach the newbies how not to let the world stifle their passion while still having realistic expectations of their role.

social worker broke

Cause I mean, this might be your life as a Social Worker towards the beginning. It does get better though!

SW meme3

There is money to be made in this profession, but you definitely have to prove your value (which is ridiculous).

SW meme1


SW meme10

So…much…paperwork! “Social Worker took breath in the hallway.” 9:53am-9:54am

Sw meme2

Me after work lol

SW meme4

HAHAHAHAHA!!! I don’t even flinch when I hear stories anymore. That’s why I feel like this:

SW meme7

Disclaimer: I don’t tell clients they’re “messed up’ or refer to them this way. Often, new clients or families will try to prep me in some way before divulging their life’s secrets. I just reassure them that I’m not there to judge them and that there’s no shame in seeking help. I applaud them for this courage. They usually feel better when I also say that I’ve seen and heard just about everything so nothing they say to me is going to shock me or make me think less of them.

SW meme6

If I wrote a book based on some of my home visits it would be a New York Times’ best seller. Easily.

Sw meme9

I would include this in that book I mentioned never being able to write. I mean, thank you for the UR with the extra time, Client, but I really gotta go. You’re number 3 of my 100 other appointments today, I’m starving, and I REALLY gotta pee because I don’t use the restroom in clients’ homes (just a personal preference).

Sw meme5

Some days we feel unappreciated.

SW meme8

Sorry, mugger. You didn’t hit the jackpot with me lol

SW meme11

I’m fine!….

Sw meme12

…not lol! Thankfully, I have a supervisor that totally lets me vent and does  everything humanly possible to support me in my role. Supervision is a time for Social Workers to talk through their cases, but it’s also used for self care and check-ins.

Sw meme13

On those days at work where it seems like every one of your clients is in crisis, fighting, or having a break down ALL AT THE SAME TIME…I check the weather to see if there’s a full moon lol. I don’t think I’ll ever see the day when Social Workers are extinct (or at least I hope not for everyone else’s sake).

You can read more about my feelings of being a Social Worker here in one of my earlier posts (I so enjoyed your comments about the influence of Social Workers in your lives). Do you have friends or family that are Social Workers? If so, give them a hug and thank them for what they do.

9 thoughts on “Happy Social Work Appreciation Month!

  1. I loved this! So funny. A lot of those memes apply to being a doctor too. Both my grandparents, mom and sister are social workers, so I definitely appreciate all you guys do!

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  2. Happy social work month! This was definitely a good chuckle after a long day. I would also like to nominate you for a Liebster Award, you can check out the details here: mutedmouthful.wordpress.com/2018/03/09/i-dont-deserve-this-the-lovely-liebster/

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