Three Days, Three Quotes – Day 2

Alright people! Day two of this challenge…let’s go! Thank you again Esurtlife!

lemonade quote

Cliche, I know…but I love it!

There’s somewhat of a connection between this quote and the one from my day 1 post. Both of these sayings talk about not letting life’s challenges stop you from being great.

A variation of this quote says, “IF life gives you lemons…” but I chose this version (I honestly don’t know which one is the original) because it’s more realistic. It’s not a matter of IF life will turn sour (momentarily sometimes), but WHEN.

Life is full of guarantees of times when you don’t like what’s going on around you or to you. Most times, these things are out of your control. The way to winning in this scenario is to make lemonade! I mean, use what live has given you to make some good out of it. We may not always be able to control what happens to us, but we can control how we respond to it.

Thinking literally, who knew lemons had the potential to be a favorite? By itself, a lemon is not the most preferred option for a snack or food to accompany a meal. Cut it open and try to eat it as is and you will be overcome by a wave of discomfort.

lemon taste.jpg

However, if you take this same cut lemon and add sugar and water you will find yourself with a household favorite!

I think that is what this quote is encouraging us to do. Take what life has given you, add some sugar, and enjoy!

I of course recognize, even when looking at my own life, that this is much easier said than done. There have been countless times when I have fallen into complete despair and hopelessness because of a life situation. I don’t regret feeling so upset about that break up or that disappointing feeling of not graduating college in 4 years like I hoped (did 5yrs instead). I just wish I had been able to “make lemonade” of those situations to eventually think of that break up as an opportunity to focus on myself…or that 5th year of college as an extra year of preparation before the “real world”. Perspective is everything.

Let’s talk about our lemons and lemonade in the comments. What situations are happening in life that you can “make lemonade’ out of? I’ll chat with you all tomorrow for day 3! 

I select the following three people for this challenge:

Lattes and Lipsticks

Alexis Rose, Untangled

AshleyLeia, Mental Health at Home




9 thoughts on “Three Days, Three Quotes – Day 2

    1. Omgosh!!! And I liked that post you nominated me in! Please forgive my forgetfulness! I was going to nominate you on day 3 of this challenge hahahaha!! Thank you for thinking of me! You’ll def get props in the next post 🙂

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