My Work Family

I thought I wanted this post to be about how much I hate am annoyed by my new co-workers…

…but after repenting for wishing evil on those people, I’ve decided not to give them any more energy. After all, they are someone’s loved one even when they’re being snarky, rude, short, and absolutely b*****to me without reason and honestly, God handles my enemies WAY better than I do. I’ve seen it done before.

At the very least, I can still be cordial…

Instead of talking about them, I’d like to dedicate this post to my co-workers from my previous job. I love my old crew!

Shalay, Victoria, Olivia, Rebecca, LaKeisha, Dave, Darren, Renae, Marlo, Keith, Cheryl, Schivenia and others…

I knew I would miss them, but my heart REALLY aches for them now. This week’s shady interactions with a different co-worker was the last straw for me. Six weeks of trying to differentiate the safe people from the spies. Will something I do or say be taken out of context again because these people don’t know me? Don’t know when I’m joking? Or when I’m discouraged? Or have enough social intelligence to know that when a black woman is frustrated it doesn’t mean you should write her off as a mean person forever?

I felt safe with my previous co workers. We laughed, joked, vented to each other, supported each other and…did I say we laughed? We did that A LOT.

They were my Cincinnati family away from family. They assumed roles in my life like sister, self-care advocate, prayer partner, friend, brother, and self-proclaimed Godfather/uncle to my unborn children (lol). We shared our lives with each other. And although we still talk, a big part of me wishes I still worked with them.

Forty to fifty hours/week is a long time to be around people you don’t like. I’ve stayed at jobs where I didn’t necessarily like the work because I loved my co-workers. They can make all the difference.

So, this post is for my old co workers at the Beech and two women at “that school” (you know who you are). You all are doing SUCH great work with the children, families, and schools of the communities. I am so honored to have had the privilege of meeting and working along side you. If no one has told you, please know from me that your influence in the earth is great. Thank you for embracing me and having my back when I needed it. You have made my heart full.



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