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I Finally Watched Bird Box…

…and I’m surprised the movie wasn’t released in theaters.

I’ve seen a couple Facebook posts of people calling the movie “trash”, but I actually liked it.

This post isn’t going to be a review of the movie, just my thoughts and feelings about it. I’m not going to explain the plot or give a play by play of the movie. However…

THERE WILL BE SPOILERS IN THIS POST! So, watch the movie before reading it.

1.) Boy and Girl

Who has kids (or knows kids) who would be that well behaved 48+ hours into a boat ride? Cause I know some kids who would NOT have survived the trip simply because they can not obey the commands of “do not take off your blindfold” and “be quiet”. Those words alone would almost be like invitations to play a game:

“Oh! Blindfolds?! What colors do you have? Why do I have to wear it? How long do I have to keep it on? Can I take a peak now? How come he got the red one?! I wanted the red one! Can you tie mine again?!” and so on and so forth…

Also, I’m expecting to see birth announcements 9 months from now introducing babies named “Boi” and “Gyrl” (because if the spelling’s cute I’ll forget the words are also labels, right?)

2.) Trevante Rhodes


Yes, please 🙂

3.) Savage

This movie turned me into a savage. I’m already a little guarded and somewhat paranoid in real life, but this movie exposed my savage. I kept yelling, “I don’t care! Kill him! Kill her!” People were sobbing and obviously scared, and still I was like, “Throw that pregnant deadweight into the streets and let the voices eat her!” Some will say I was being insensitive (those people would be dead in this movie) and others would say, “It’s ok. She’s a Social Worker…” and it would all make sense lol #thickskinforsurvival

4.) Real Life Parallel?

The talk Malorie gave Boy and Girl before they made the trek to safety paralleled slaves coaching their children before escaping through the Underground Railroad. I don’t know if I’m the only one who thought about this, and obviously I’ve never been present for one of these talks, but I imagine it would sound similar. It also made me think of the many mothers and children fleeing unsafe living conditions for asylum. Many will feel compassion for Mal, Boy, and Girl (fictional characters), but nothing for migrant families living in crisis. Who’s the savage now?

5.) Lil Rel Howery 


In the movie “Get Out” his friend thought his theories were crazy. In this movie it was the same thing! Y’all goin learn to listen to him from now on, I know that! #rightbothtimes

6.) Only the Blind Survive?

I’m still processing this thought from the end of the movie. Was this just a clever concept for the movie, or was the writer and director trying to convey a bigger message? Don’t get distracted by what you see in the world? Trust your other instincts? Looks can be deceiving? What do you think?

7.) Walk by Faith…

That last scene in the forest with Malorie, Boy, and Girl got real to me. Momentarily, I was starting to get confused by the voices! I KNEW Tom was dead, but for a second when I heard his voice I thought maybe he escaped somehow. Isn’t that crazy?! I JUST watched this man shoot himself, and it only took hearing the voice for me to second guess what I knew. This reminded me a lot of how struggles can be in Christian life. There have been times when I’m CONVINCED of what God has shown or told me, but then something happens in life and I second guess myself (and Him). This is why spending time with God and reading the Word becomes so important for us as believers. Knowing His voice and His character will make things clear when the other voices of the world (doubt, fear, insecurity, whatever your struggle is) become loud and cause confusion. Don’t remove your blindfold and stay close to the One! #faith


What did you all think of the movie? I’d love to hear your thoughts! Also, enjoy these memes!









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