Laketra BFF Turns 1!

One year ago today, I sat next to my husband in our tiny apartment and published my first blog post.

Usually on the first anniversary of an event, people say something like, “Has it been a year already?!” In this case, I’m more so saying to myself, “Has it ONLY been a year?!”

It feels like blogging has been a part of my life for longer than a year. I’ve written so many pieces that I’m proud of and have unlocked the writer I knew was hiding deep in my subconscious.

My first post, Bucket List Before Baby, revealed how and why I began blogging. This experience has been more rewarding than I expected and, despite some of it’s challenges, I am so happy I did it. Writing has been truly therapeutic for me at times, and it has allowed me to share bits of my life with friends and family in my personal life as well as with my blogging friends (shout out to my blogging BFF Muted Mouthful).

Here are some of the highlights of my blog:

Emotional posts: A Letter to my Ancestors and Dance and Grief

Personal post: I Have a Special Needs Sister

Posts about my faith: My Biggest Regret? and A Wife’s Sacrifice

My Mental Health: Anxious Thoughts and I’ve Gone Missing…

Fun posts: Wakanda Forever! and I Finally Watched Bird Box…


Thank you for joining me for the ride. Here’s to year 2! Happy 2019, everyone!






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