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Neck Deep in Motherhood

Hello WordPress! Have you missed me?

I’ve been gone for quite some time now…and A LOT of things have happened. Besides surviving a pandemic, my husband and I welcomed another beautiful baby girl into the world (more info on that unexpected pregnancy later on).

My last post about my motherhood journey to my first daughter was raw, real and transparent. It was a glimpse into a tough day. This post is no different.

This is not just a picture of me getting cuddles from the girls. It’s also a picture of what I know will be one of many tough moments mothering Irish twins.

My husband was at the grocery store. Yani, 11 month old, was sleepy and Koko, my newborn, was hungry. I couldn’t put Koko down to cuddle Yani to sleep like she wanted. Yani is 22lbs and I am unable to lift her post C section delivery. I hadn’t found the time to eat yet. My right breast was engorged. Breastfeeding is new to me and latching Koko takes time. I guess she’ll have to settle for a pacifier for now…

I relaxed and breathed through this moment. I let Yani watch a show while rubbing her and rocking Koko. I told myself, ‘This is temporary.’ I knew my husband would be returning home soon and one day both girls would be more independent. It’s a tough moment, not a tough life. The rest of the day can be redeemed. I am working on giving myself more grace as I navigate this mom life of 2.

Soon after this picture was taken my husband came home and sprung into action like he usually does. He put Yani to sleep. I fed Koko and ate while she slept. Crisis averted.

(follow my hashtag #BlackmotherofIrishtwins to see the journey of my first year with two babies 11 months apart)

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