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The Best Daddy in the World

In my last post I mentioned that rest helped me battle mastitis. How was I able to lay down uninterrupted with an 11 month old and a fresh newborn at home? Simple:

my husband.

My husband stayed home with the babies while I went to my OB and lactation appts. I was gone longer than I had planned and was worried about how Daddy was doing juggling two babies.

When I walked through the door and up the stairs of our apartment, I saw our 11 month old crawling around in our bedroom and my husband hunched over the bed saying, ‘Oh, no…no…no.’ He wasn’t panicked. It was his way of comforting our newborn who was crying while getting her diaper changed. That diaper just so happened to be a major blow out.

My husband looked up for a second to acknowledge my presence and asked me to get him a plastic bag for the dirty diaper. He discarded the diaper and took both babies to the living room. I gathered my meds, breast pump, and heating pad and prepared for a night of recuperating.

I felt so relieved not only because he seemed to have everything under control, but mainly because he did it all with such a great attitude. He didn’t complain about how long I was gone or talk about how the babies acted. He just rocked our newborn while also occupying the 11 month old and asked me how the appts went. He was also boiling sweet potatoes to feed to our oldest daughter and had a load of laundry in the washing machine!

I felt a strong urge to let him know how valued he was, especially in that moment.

I told him he was ‘the best Daddy in the world’ and that I appreciated him for staying with the girls. Before I could even finish the sentence I was overcome by emotion (postpartum hormones, perhaps?) and collapsed into his chest in tears.

He lovingly embraced me and told me that I was a good mother and he knew this time wasn’t easy for me. Then, he uttered the words that were a much needed reminder:

‘They’re not just your babies, they’re mine too.’

I don’t know why I felt the need to thank him for what is a basic requirement as a parent, but I honestly feel the Holy Spirit wanted me to show my husband some appreciation in that moment. He is not my assistant, but my partner in this crazy thing called parenthood.

This moment also taught me a huge lesson: Make room for men/husbands/dads to step in. They are more capable than I give them credit for.

Thank you, Delveri, for being a gentle, loving partner and THE BEST Daddy in the world. ❤️

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