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A Typical Day – Irish Twins

What is a typical day like for you?

It varies for me, but the main word to describe a typical day for me is: multi tasking.

I spend 95% of my day multitasking and juggling tasks, babies and thoughts. I really need a clone of myself to do everything I want and need to do, but I guess no one has figured out how to safely accomplish that. So much for living in the year 2021.

The biggest challenge when multitasking, of course, has to do with parenting. My oldest (Yani) is 12 months and my youngest (Koko) is 7 weeks, so they both still heavily depend on me for their basic needs.

And sometimes, they both want 100% of me at the EXACT…SAME…TIME.

Then comes the challenge of reconciling the thought of “choosing” one over the other in terms of prioritizing needs. Thankfully I have two arms.

I cook/prepare Yani’s breakfast while Koko is taking a morning nap.

Koko wakes up from the morning nap earlier than I expected so I facilitate Yani eating breakfast while holding Koko or feeding her a bottle.

I burp Koko while playing and interacting with Yani.

Diaper changes and bottle making happen while Koko cries because she wants to be held.

Yani circles the kitchen singing while I make lunch.

I’m typing this blog while rocking Koko to sleep.

You see a theme, yet?

Ultimately, I remind myself while I’m bouncing back and forth between babies that their needs are being met even when they have to wait their turn.

Sometimes my home feels like a circus so I guess its only fitting that I’m getting so good at juggling (tasks, babies…get it?)

If you want to see a glimpse into this kind of day, go to my Youtube channel (Life with Laketra) and watch my latest video. Link down below!

4 thoughts on “A Typical Day – Irish Twins

  1. Oh wow! I never knew you had another baby. Congratulations! There is 11 months and 3wks gap between my first 2 kids. People still think they are twins. The first year was difficult but after that things became a lot easier. There is always a week each year when they are the same age😁

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    1. A lot of people even in my personal life didn’t know I was pregnant lol. I didn’t announce anything until she was born. Omgosh I didn’t know you had Irish twins too! I need your Mama tips and encouragement because it has been crazy around here lol

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      1. I totally know that feeling. Omg! I understand. My oldest wasn’t even walking when I had my 2nd lol. Mine are aged 9 and 8 now and they are besties. Are yours same gender?

        Looking back now, I’m glad it happened that way for me. If I were to redo it, I will definitely opt for it to happen that way again. The first year, I was stressed. Very stressed. My husband had to go to work. My mum couldn’t come to the UK to help because she came for my first and spent 3 months. Work didn’t allow her to come again. I was all by myself and my husband took over when he returned from work. We did settle into a rhythm and that helped.

        Regarding tips, I’m a routine kind of mama. So we are very strict with bed times and with kids sleeping on their bed. That way I could catch my breathe a bit. Also with nursing, I expressed breast milk a lot and saved in the freezer. So when my husband was home, or when we had visitors, they could use the milk to feed them while I grabbed a 30mins nap.

        Take it easy with yourself. Do what you can. Follow your rhythm and accept help when people offer to. They won’t be little for long. Very soon, you will have big kids staring at you😁

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      2. I had to go back and read this because today was a day I was needing some extra strength. Thank you for taking the time to write this so I know I’m not alone, and also so I’m reminded I will come out on the other side of this. Both my children are girls. This first year is proving to be stressful like yours was. I’m back to work full time, my husband is at work full time plus school part time. We’re both working from home a lot which is good, but that means we’re juggling workload with diaper changes, feedings, nap times, cuddles, cries and everything else. I’m so exhausted at the end of the day I can barely breathe. No family in town to help, and with Covid it’s almost too risky to have people just come in and out to help. It’s hard and lonely and most days I wonder if I will make it. I just take things minute by minute and keep my head above water for air.


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