#Christian · #family

Don’t Take It Lightly

Dear Mamas:

I hope you don’t take it lightly.

I hope you don’t take it lightly, the responsibility that has been bestowed upon you. The gravity of the situation. The importance of the work that you do every day for your children.

None of it is useless or worthless. Don’t think for a second that it doesn’t matter.


You are someone’s safe place.

You have been blessed with the call of shaping a heart, mind and soul into a person who will impact the world. It’s more than a contribution to the physical population of the Earth. Whether they become loved by the world in fame or known to a few people for being themselves, your offspring is the puzzle piece that completes the bigger picture of life.

And we have YOU to thank for that.

Your work in the home may not bring in money, but its value does not expire.

You may never have books written about you or movies inspired by your life, but your position is meant to be celebrated.

Your children are your mission field. Your impact will reach further than the walls of your home through them.

Thank you for the love, the nurturing, the guidance, the discipline, the tears, the sacrifice, the decisions, the missteps. The sum of all those things has produced in your children a treasure than can never be replaced.


From cleaning spit up, changing dirty diapers, staying up late to color construction paper for their school project, shopping for new school shoes, showing up for a performance, driving them to the movies with friends, to showing them how to make their own doctor appointments…it all matters.

I hope you don’t take it lightly.

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