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Pregnancy is Underrated

Do you know how hard it is to grow a human? Granted, your body's doing all the work but you feel all the effects. Think about it. No, really...think about it. Do you know how hard it is to have your nutrients taken and used to create a brain, liver, kidneys, stomach, head, spine, etc,… Continue reading Pregnancy is Underrated

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Moving to the Hood: Motherhood

That's right...I'm pregnant! Unexpectedly pregnant, but pregnant nonetheless (that's a separate post). I am 16wks as of July 2nd, and now that the shock of being charged with the IMMENSE responsibility of raising a baby into a well-adjusted adult has worn off, I can begin to experience other feelings. Right now, mainly excitement. I'm excited… Continue reading Moving to the Hood: Motherhood


I Miss You!

Yes, you! The blogging community. There is something so pure about letting my creative juices flow through the keys onto this computer screen. It's different from recording videos. Somehow it feels more...personable. Maybe it's because I'm an introvert and would rather be able to communicate with others without actually having to engage in verbal conversation.… Continue reading I Miss You!