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When the Blessing Feels Heavy

‘Children are a heritage from the Lord,offspring a reward from him.’ -Psalm 127:3 Most days I wonder if and how I’m going to make it. Most days I’m so exhausted I can barely breathe. Most days my energy is devoured by my thoughts and the demands my little blessings put on me. Always thinking. Always… Continue reading When the Blessing Feels Heavy

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The Best Daddy in the World

In my last post I mentioned that rest helped me battle mastitis. How was I able to lay down uninterrupted with an 11 month old and a fresh newborn at home? Simple: my husband. My husband stayed home with the babies while I went to my OB and lactation appts. I was gone longer than… Continue reading The Best Daddy in the World

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Neck Deep in Motherhood

Hello WordPress! Have you missed me? I've been gone for quite some time now...and A LOT of things have happened. Besides surviving a pandemic, my husband and I welcomed another beautiful baby girl into the world (more info on that unexpected pregnancy later on). My last post about my motherhood journey to my first daughter… Continue reading Neck Deep in Motherhood

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Bi-racial and the Parental Responsibility

Should couples in interracial relationships, where one of the races is black, discuss issues impacting the black community with their biracial children? My opinion: Yes Recently I heard someone (a white woman) say her child heard about "police shooting black men" from students at his school, and came home in a panic about their father… Continue reading Bi-racial and the Parental Responsibility