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How’s Florida?!

Hello blogging world! I've missed you! What have you been up to? Me? Oh, you know...just moving over 1000 miles away from my place of residence for the past 5 years. In one of my last posts I announced that my husband and I would be moving to Florida (you can read about it here).… Continue reading How’s Florida?!

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Moving Back to Florida

Someone recently joked that I've been threatening this day since I arrived in Cincinnati 5 years ago -- I guess now I'm making good on that threat lol! You read the title correctly: I am moving back to Florida (in September 2018). My husband, with bittersweet feelings, accepted a position as a Senior Software Engineer… Continue reading Moving Back to Florida


The Night I Was Robbed: Avengers: “Infinity War”

*sigh* Where do I even start? How do I articulate the shock and disappointment I experienced while watching this movie? First of all, this post WILL include spoilers. I waited a day before I starting writing (I originally was going to release this on Sunday) because I wanted to give as many people the chance… Continue reading The Night I Was Robbed: Avengers: “Infinity War”


Three Days, Three Quotes – Day 2

Alright people! Day two of this challenge...let's go! Thank you again Esurtlife! Cliche, I know...but I love it! There's somewhat of a connection between this quote and the one from my day 1 post. Both of these sayings talk about not letting life's challenges stop you from being great. A variation of this quote says, "IF life… Continue reading Three Days, Three Quotes – Day 2