The Pain of Loneliness

No one cares. It’s been a hard realization for me, but I think it’s time I finally learn to accept this. I’m even convinced God Himself wants me to live a life of solitude. I know no one will read this post. It will just be one of the things left behind. Anyone who ‘cares’… Continue reading The Pain of Loneliness

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Neck Deep in Motherhood

Hello WordPress! Have you missed me? I've been gone for quite some time now...and A LOT of things have happened. Besides surviving a pandemic, my husband and I welcomed another beautiful baby girl into the world (more info on that unexpected pregnancy later on). My last post about my motherhood journey to my first daughter… Continue reading Neck Deep in Motherhood

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It’s Called a VAGINA!

Well...actually the parts I'm referring to are collectively called a Vulva, but you know what I mean. **trigger warning** This post mentions sexual abuse. Be kind to yourself and take heed before proceeding. Baby Chick is a girl and I couldn't be happier. All I can think is, "Exactly how many headbands is too many… Continue reading It’s Called a VAGINA!


I Miss You!

Yes, you! The blogging community. There is something so pure about letting my creative juices flow through the keys onto this computer screen. It's different from recording videos. Somehow it feels more...personable. Maybe it's because I'm an introvert and would rather be able to communicate with others without actually having to engage in verbal conversation.… Continue reading I Miss You!