Restoring Innocence

How? How can you restore years...hopes...dreams? This is a question I pondered while watching Ava DuVernay's Netflix series "When They See Us", but it especially echoed in my heart while watching Oprah's interview of the real life men of the Central Park 5 case, better known now as The Exonerated Five. If you haven't watched… Continue reading Restoring Innocence


I Miss You!

Yes, you! The blogging community. There is something so pure about letting my creative juices flow through the keys onto this computer screen. It's different from recording videos. Somehow it feels more...personable. Maybe it's because I'm an introvert and would rather be able to communicate with others without actually having to engage in verbal conversation.… Continue reading I Miss You!


The Night I Was Robbed: Avengers: “Infinity War”

*sigh* Where do I even start? How do I articulate the shock and disappointment I experienced while watching this movie? First of all, this post WILL include spoilers. I waited a day before I starting writing (I originally was going to release this on Sunday) because I wanted to give as many people the chance… Continue reading The Night I Was Robbed: Avengers: “Infinity War”